I spent months researching the interenet for ktichen installer reviews, looking at kitchen installs done at friends and familys homes, checking the big box stores, until I came across Triain who was very highly recommended and I am very happy with my choice. I decided on an Ikea kitchen yet I had my heart (but not my budget) set on real Bamboo wood doors (which Ikea do not sell) and some other bells and whistles. While listinening to my wish list Triain with his exceptional design aesthetic along with budget always in mind, came up with a semi-custom Ikea kitchen, with real Bamboo doors, and other upgrades. Triain offers top quality service, along with being honest, punctual and very professional. He is someone you can trust in the ever unpredictable world of reno/construction contracting, someone who you won't need to call Mike Holmes on. I highly recommend him and his team, thanks to Trian I got the kitchen of my dreams and my husband the price of his dreams. The ease in which this kitchen reno started, progressed and finished and the ultimate stunning result, a true magazine style kitchen, has me ready to reno my bathroom and Triain has the job already.

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