I hired the Reno Coach when my home Reno went off the rails and not only did he recommend a trustworthy company to take over the job, he also served as my expert witness in small claims court. He helped me get my house back and helped me recoup some of the money owed to me by the unscrupulous home improvement company, all for the single consultation fee. I recommend the Reno Coach without qualification and wish I had engaged him right at the beginning of the renovation process instead of going through hell for 5 1/2 months and taken advantage of by a so-called "award winning" family run home improvement company.

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I am Very happy with BAX Canada. They designed and installed two kitchens for me in 2012. Excellent quality, great price and outstanding service. They got the job done exactly as promised and completed on time. I would recommend them without hesitation!

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I recommend the Reno Coach,without any reservation. I called Reiner Hoyer when my home renovation went very I had hired a home improvement company for a major reno (fulling updating a 1950s bungalow and creating a new basement suite) but despite their claims of being a long-standing and "award winning" BILD/RenoMark contractor, they neglected my project and the little work that was done was poorly planned, sloppy and unsupervised. After 5 months of excuses and ineptitude, I knew I had been duped by this company's slick marketing. The Reno Coach reviewed the situation and confirmed my assessment. (He had previous experience trying to fix renos by this same contractor). Reiner help me hire a new contractor who actually came to work every day and managed my reno. Reiner also ensured transparent, contracts with other competent professionals (HVAC, stucco, roofing, railings, kitchen cabinets and stone). Everyone the Reno Coach recommended was more than competent, very reliable and honest, and charged fair prices). Reiner monitored the work in progress and helped solve any issues along the way. His fee was very reasonable and worth every penny. If I hadn't called the Reno Coach and continued to bang my head against a brick wall with the first contractor, I am sure I would still be out of my house. The Reno Coach saved me a lot of time and money and if I do any more home improvements, I will call Reiner Hoyer first.

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I am very happy with the quality, service and price of the four Dashwood doors I got for my home reno. The sales rep was very helpful and professional and worked with me to get beautiful doors for the front and back of my house. I shopped around and visited 6 other suppliers and Stone River offered the best quality. The doors were delivered right on time. Highly recommended.

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Buyer Beware! Carick Home Improvements is a bad choice for a major renovation. Look beyond the slick marketing and don’t believe anything unless it’s in writing. Carick’s estimate was higher (by at least 30%) than the other contractors but they sold me in April 2012, with their promise of quality and professionalism and overall management. But 19 weeks later, all Carick supplied was bad planning, inactivity and endless excuses. Carick had a lot of other renovation projects on the go this spring and summer, which is apparently why they didn’t do any planning or scheduling for my whole-house renovation. After 4½ months, they didn’t even complete the gut-out! My renovation involved completed updating the main floor with an open concept living area and making a new basement suite and front entrance. The house was emptied and vacated at the end of April, with Carick agreeing to oversee the whole project and work with the two other companies (masonry and HVAC). Carick’s foreman, George, made only a few brief visits over 19 weeks. The most time George spent on the job-site was at my first meeting with him and that was because we had to wait more than 90 minutes for his plumbing subcontractor to show up! After they all laughed and chatted together for a few minutes, George left without a word to me. I can count on one hand the number of times he was at my site after that. The plumber did the rough for the new basement suite and ignored the leaking 50-year-old ball valve main water shut-off. When I called Carick about this, they agreed to send the plumber back and I paid the City to turn off the water to the house. The valve was replaced and a month later, I realized the pipe and valve would have to be moved because they were in the middle of what was going to be the living room floor of the new suite! I called Carick, paid the City again to shut off the water and they sent their subcontractor back. Glaring evidence of bad planning was when Carick installed new windows on the main floor and then closed off the front entrance before doing the gut-out. Weeks later when the demolition began, all the debris was thrown out via my new window. I asked for and was promised a demolition chute, which was never provided. You can imagine what throwing old flooring and drywall out the window by the bucket and shovelful did to my new window. The only reason for sequencing the work like this appears to be the $10,000 progress payment for the new windows. The demolition lurched ahead over many more weeks. Sometimes there was no one there for over a week. Other times, one kid who clearly needed supervision was there by himself for a few days per week. This kid secured the house by dragging a box spring and mattress across the hole for the new back door. After some time, raccoons move in and started using the master bedroom as a toilet. In September, when there was still no planning and little work done, I realized that Carick either could not or would not provide the quality materials and services that Joel promised and his excuses for the inactivity were no longer even remotely credible. Before hiring Carick, Joel was fully aware of and agreeable to working with the mason doing the concrete work. (The mason has been in the trade for 30 years and gets all of his work by word-of-mouth referrals from homeowners and other contractors). The original plan was to underpin the foundation but due to a high water table in this area, the engineer deemed it prudent to drop this from the plan and simply install new weeping tiles, drains and sump pits. This actually resulted in the concrete work in the basement being done faster than it would have been with underpinning but after the fact, Carick is trying claim this is why they couldn’t do any work. I never heard this flimsy excuse before I pulled the plug on Carick and doesn’t make any sense, since Carick was telling me how they wanted to the mason to schedule his work. No one is perfect and something will likely be missed or messed up in a major renovation. But Carick missed even big stuff because they devote the resources needed to manage this project. As I became more and more concerned about the pace and lack of planning, I also had to worry about the quality of materials that Carick was using. Three-quarter inch plywood was specified for the new subfloors but half-inch was delivered. The last straw was Carick saying they needed an additional $5,000 to install 16 ceiling joists (24 foot 2-by-10s) instead of a beam. This is something that became evident after the existing ceiling was being taken down and Carick is now trying to say that these “design and layout changes” also delayed them. My down payment and their payment schedule ensured that Carick Home Improvements was way ahead on the money, paid more than double the value of the work and material provided. (If you still want to hire Carick, have your lawyer review everything before you sign, including the payment schedule.) For 2 months, Carick ignored my complaint and request for a refund of money paid for services that were not delivered only to say they are not going to give any of my money back, but they “hope there are no hard feelings

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Company Response

Carick has been in business since 1975 and we have won numerous awards. Our years in
business, our many wonderful referral letters and awards must mean we are doing something
right. It is unfortunate that Sue feels this way. The plumber was doing her a favour to come
over the same day she called for service for her concrete trade. If you have to change the main
valve it is the law to get the city to turn off the water to the main house. By changing her design
another visit from the city was necessary. How does she know how many times George was
there when she doesn’t live there? She posted pictures of block work, and backyard new door
opening that she contracted out to another company. Why didn't she mention that the front yard
was a complete mess due to underground streams and her concrete trade was redoing her front
yard and porch? Now did she mention that her designer was away all summer and practically
impossible to speak to. There were numerous changes to the plans, after a while even the client
was confused. As for the joist issue, on her plans was a beam and post, (another change) she
didn't want that so we gave her a price for changing the ceiling joist instead of the having the
beam and actually it was $325 per joist to remove old and supply and install new (so she could
decide how many she wanted to change) plus I was giving her back a $2000.00 allowance for not
doing the beam. She also says we were at least 30% more, but does not say more than whom? In
most cases we will not be the most expensive or the cheapest price we will be in the middle. To
top it off she stopped us from completing the work, just as we were going to do exactly what
we promised her! Nonsense we ignored her complaint! We called her immediately to resolve
the issues and SHE never got back to us!!!! Renovations are a stressful experience when things
go perfect and they rarely do, but one thing that we can guarantee you is that at Carick we are
accountable. We do quality work, service all our customers and are always accessible. Regards, Joel Scopelleti.