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They are unable to keep to promised pick up timelines and the dispatcher does not seem to be able to keep track of calls. Get orders and promises in writing. Dispatcher waited for the asking why it had not been collected and claims that was the first call for pick up. Suggests unable to properly track requests or manage client expectations. Avoid them or get it in writing.

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They are not able to accurately manage expectations of delivery times, so one should NEVER plan on their windows. They take no responsibility for being late nor do they seem to care about improving the customer service. If you do not care if they arrive when they say, you are fine, otherwise deal with a company that does not overbook and can be more accurate with their scheduling.

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Company Response

Good morning Andrea,
Following the conversation over the phone, again, we apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused you. Due to traffic, and other circumstances, we do not guarantee times; however, we do try our absolute best to arrive within the scheduled time frames that people have requested, for either deliveries or pick ups. As I mentioned over the phone, we do appreciate your feedback; which has been shared with our entire team; and as I've mentioned, we do strive our very best to arrive within scheduled time frames, again though - we do not guarantee times as there are too many factors outside of our control such as traffic. Thank you


We sought several quotes for the job and then learned about side and peak venting from a neighbour. I called an architect I knew and asked for his advice on the materials and this, new to me, venting. It turns out it is the better choice, and while it cost more we decided to go all the way and do the job right and get the 50 year protection. We did not want to do the roof again. We thought we can do the cheaper way for 1/2 the price, and then have to do it again in 10 or 15 years or we could do it right and never worry. We then went back to the other firms and one knew nothing about this form of venting and the other came back with a similar quote, but did not sound as confident about the work (we were not sure how often they had done it). Juff's had done several and were very confident about the work, answered all the questions, passed all the architect test questions and did not give us any hassle about increasing the thickness of the plywood. Shay was polite, responsive and gave us complete information. They even found a way to move up our start date and called us to let us know. They arrived on time and did the work. They even gave me a tour of the roof before they finished so I could see how it was done. The clean up was OK and the bin did not stay longer than necessary. Overall I would recommend them.

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