I went to Holmar Plumbing to look for a pair of handles for my tub Dec.20th, 2012. I was told they sold the handles seperately-one for hot water and one for cold water-it is weired when I firstly heard of that anyways. The single one costs $10. Since I'm not sure the handle can fit my tub properly and also it couldn't be returned after it was sold. Thus I decided to only buy one handle for $10. I found the handle fits my tub later, but I didn't come back to buy the other one immediately since I was busy on other renovation project. At April 6th, I went to Holmar Plumbing again to buy another handle. I was suprised when another eomployee told me they didin't sell a single handle since no one will buy another one and the price for one pair is $10 only. I have mentioned I only got one handle last time and also shown my the previous invoice. They rejected to correct their mistake and I had to pay another $10 for a pair. I was frustrated on their customer service and will come back again.

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Ordered three pieces of sofa and chair at July 1st. Zilli delievered them to my house at July 30th, but cushions were missed. Called back to Zilli, they forgot to put them in order at beginning, had to reorder from manufacture and promised to me to take about a week. So far I have waited for more than three weeks and the cushion aren't yet ready.Plus I lived 50KM away from their store and had to picked them up. I felt so frustrated on their service.They should impove their customer service to avoide such kind of mistake from beginning.

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Company Response

Hi Sean,
I apologize greatly for this error. The toss pillows should have definitely been included on your orginal shipment. The pillows have since been made and couriered out to you. Hope you are now enjoying your furniture!
Natalie Papia