Our friends decided to renovate stairs in the house. They used to have old carpet on it, so they wanted to change it. They went to Home Depot. Salesperson advised them Home Depot's contractor to do the job. As our friends said job was done on time and really good. I like it also. Good selection of carpet. Very accurate. No complain.

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Usually when I come to Home Depot I can not find anybody to answer any question.Now they had opened a new store in Richmond Hill at Elgin Mills and Leslie. I came there to buy a rods and all little things to hung curtains on. I have never have done it before and I did not know what is what for. To my real surprise there was a lady (unfortunately I don't remember her mane) who knows every answer. She explained me which hook is better for heavy curtain, which one is for light one. She had show me rods and everything for that. Fist time I were happy with my trip to Home Depot.

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