What started off as a good experience turned out to be not so good. This contractor presented himself much differently than he really was. He did not have the dedicated crew on my job as he said he would. Turned out to be a crew of 1, him. He did not work as clean as he said he did. He did not consistently cover existing hardwood which resulted in a large amount of damage. There was a stretch of 3 weeks in which we barely saw him - I presume he was trying to finish up other jobs with his "crew". His drywalling was terrible. We can still see tape marks which were not properly mudded and then just painted over. And much of what was mudded was not sanded properly and large ridges were left. We eventually told him to just leave it alone and we would fix what we could ourselves. His using inexperienced help to do some of the finishing and touch ups caused more mess than it fixed. And then of course there was the small issue of him not paying his subcontractors. After the first one he promised there wouldn't be any others and we blindly believed him. And him tell the sub that the reason he couldn't pay him was because we hadn't paid him was not true. Not a contractor that I would ever recommend because of these issues.

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