We took advantage of the "one day sale" at the The Bay this week, and purchased a mattress. Altho the "deal" was supposed to include the set, we only needed the mattress. So we asked. They were able to sell the mattress for the price noted on the website ($618) but the hook was now we had to pay delivery, and another charge (can't recall for what) so once we added the extended (10-yr) warantee, because there was only a one-yr warantee from the mfr, the whole thing cost about $1000 - hope we like it!

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I love Pier one! always has great ideas, colours and decor. I found the perfect frame for my photos from Italy!! When I needed another frame, and they didn't have it, they called around and found me one!

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Mike and his team(s) are very professional, do amazing work, flexible, accommodating and personable. A real pleasure to see every day. I don’t hesitate recommending them at all. Mike was always available to us with updates and answers to keep the job moving, electronically and in person. He was on site most days as well. As things progressed on our job, if timing or budget were impacted, due to additional asks of us or unforeseen issues in the job, he’d let us know and we’d adjust. We requested many things outside of the original ask/budget, which they were able to make happen – electrical, flooring changes, floor plan changes, external plumbing etc. Mike kept good records and was always fair. He has a wealth of experience between himself and the key people on his team and can therefore walk through decisions, issues that may arise and recommend an appropriate course of action, always arriving at a solution that gives you the perfection you want in a new reno. Special shout out to Aldo, the two Tony's (Framing & Carpentry), Paul (HVAC) and Marco who all felt a bit like family by the end. It's clear that all of his trades respect him a great deal, and will do what it takes to get the job done for him, making everyone happy with the results. That says a lot! Overall, a happy experience and we're very pleased with the final result.

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