Costco has the good price for its' product and the quality is good. Although you have to pay for membership fee, but it is worthy to buy. It has a lot of other stuffs as well. I go there every week

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I bought a desk for my kid and I got 20% discount. the service there is good and but no sure the discount is good enough. I am going to buy more from the store, do you know usually how much can get for discount?

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I went to Leon's Scarborough store with my wife in Mar 31, 2008. We planned to buy a set sofa. When I paid my bill, I found that Leon's store charged me 6% for GST. And I reminded the Cashier several times, and after he confirmed with the manager, he changed the GST rate to 5%. I talked to the store manager and also wrote an email to customer care center. They insisted that this is a single case. But I don't think so. When I paid the bill, it was almost 9:00 pm, and I don't think I am the first customer of this cashier. He could make the simliar problems for all customer he has severed ( please be reminded that I had asked him several time for the wrong tax rate). And also, the rate is set by the Leon's computer system. If the system made mistakes, all customer may be charge 1% more for GST. I am very disappointed with the Leon's service, GST has be cut down to 5% for two months, and Leon's system still allows such thing happen. If you bought something from Leon's in the pass two months, check your invoice. If you has been charged 6% GST, please add you review here. I want to prove to them this is not an isolated case.

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