A bad experience from start to finish. Didn't show up when they said they would, didn't do the job as quoted, nor as directed. After a season the stones have shifted and the "warranty" that was promised is basically they will come back and fix it if I pay for it again. Earlier this summer they committed to coming back and fixing part of the project. In conversation, and as written on his quote, he was to have it done by August. Now after three weeks of chasing him he said he won't do the work unless I pay double what he quoted. It's not a job he's interested in doing. Terrible experience from start to finish. And now I need to find another supplier to fix my walkway.

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Hi Mr. Chris! Why don't you say to the public ( while you are going public) what you said to me this summer that:" Please can you come and remove what we did two years ago because my stupid neighbor changed his mind! " . And when We gave you the new price, you didn't like it and at the same day you get on your computer to build a case as a revenge. Bravo Chris!!! Hope your neighbour reads your review.


We had a very negative experience with Roma Fence. It started out positive with their estimator coming out and taking measurements, and providing a competitive quote. Roma was not the least expensive but we wanted a quality project and felt that they were the ones to deliver it. The problems started as soon as we signed the contract. • Calls not returned. • The crew didn't arrive when they were supposed to and didn't call to let us know they wouldn't be there. • The schedule was for the project to be completed in two days. Two weeks was the actual timeline. Far too long to remove a chain link fence and build a straight line of standard privacy fence. • The installers left bits of the chain link fence all over both yards, small shards of metal everywhere. • The installers dumped the waste into our garden. We told them they could put the excavated dirt from the post holes in one section of the garden but not all the waste including bent nails, asphalt from the holes they cut, gravel, offcuts from the boards, etc. • The fence itself was not well built. The boards were unevenly spaced and did not alternate from side-to-side as they should. • The lumber tags were left on the boards and are now poking out all over the fence but are sandwiched partially between other boards. • To make the gate hinge fit the poorly cut boards they beat it into shape with their hammer. • The boards on the east side of the fence touched the ground. On the west side they were 4" short. • When we called the head office to complain they sent the same crew back out. When the crew arrived they didn't see any problems and left. • Called head office again only to be told, "you're probably over reacting. It's a good fence because we built it!" • Sent photos because no one from Roma was willing to come and see the fence in person. They sent the crew out again with direction to fix it. The crew didn't see the problem and asked us to mark each board that we felt wasn't right. • Eventually the lead contractor on our project admitted that he never went to the west side of the fence, that was the responsibility of his helper. After multiple returns by their crews we eventually gave up trying to get the situation rectified. The fence is intact, it's not perfect, and we've learned a lesson about Roma Fence.

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