Ron is a good appliance repair person. My husband and I have apartments and had a standing arrangement with our tenants that if they needed service they could call Terron Appliances directly and he would bill us. Unfortunately we had a tennant who would call him every time she wanted to use the self-clean feature of the oven because she kept forgetting how to do it and Ron kept going out and billing us for the time. Now if a tennant has a problem, I call Terron, go to the apartment with him and if it's how to use the oven I write down the information, give a copy to the tennant and store my copy on the computer for easy access, that way no-one can take advantage of us.

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A guest of ours put his feet on the foot rail and it fell off. Upon inspection we found that the screws from the rail to the legs were not long enough. We sent the chairs back for repair, when we received the chairs back we found that the screws were not replaced. So far the chairs are staying together, they must have used glue to put them together. Same table, the first table top finish started chipping off the first few days we had the table. Leon's ordered a new table top in and replaced it. So far the new table top is good.

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