Drew was recommended through our builder. We needed the entire house repainted post renovation. We had to ask several times for drop cloths to be laid so that paint would not get on our new tile or hardwood. They put down drop cloths but only a foot from the perimeter of wall, which doesn't help when painting a ceiling. When we showed them paint throughout the house that had dropped they gave us tips on how to clean it instead of correcting their mistake. One of our new toilets, has a large amount of paint across the lid and bowl that will not come off. Drew collected money at one point from both my partner and I without telling the other and deposited both cheques. When we pointed this out to him, he said that he would return the $750 we had overpaid him via cheque. After receiving nothing for 4 months after numerous phone calls, he finally sent out 4 post-dated cheques divvying up the $750 over a period of 6 months. Then repeatedly called to tell us NOT to deposit the cheques because he didn't have money in the account. We are still waiting on the last and final installment 17 months after he collected the over payment. It is for $350. Members of Drew's crew seemed nice and professional. Drew himself did not act in a professional, up front or honest manner. I DO NOT recommend him at all. To add insult to injury, we have seen better paint jobs.

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