AS usual, with any Ikea you spend an hour in the store, and even longer in line! This particular Ikea seems to never have enough lanes open - it always seems like there are only 3 or 4 lines open, when they need 10-15...

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My wife and I purchased a couch from the Richmond Hill store in May 2006, which we received on May 27 2006. Less than one year later, we required a Leon's furniture technician to come in (several times) to fix the legs of the couch as the wood supporting them had completely bent. Less than one year since that repair the same issue occurred, with the bent wood and tilting legs. The technician clearly did not fix the problem, but merely used a band-aid solution to whatever the fault was. We called Leon's a few days later to send us another technician to fix the problem properly, once and for all, and we were told that a technician would be sent shortly to repair the couch, and that if he deemed it unrepairable, the couch would be replaced. We were subsequently told by the Manager of the Richmond Hill location that if we want another service call it will not be through Leon's and that we'll have to pay for it ourselves. This is completely unacceptable for several reasons. The first is that we were told that our couch is no longer under warranty; however, nowhere on our receipt does it say what the warranty of our couch is. It simply reads: "although some furniture manufacturers do not offer a written or timed warranty, Leon's would like you to be satisfied with your purchase. If problems do occur, please do not hesitate to call our service dept so that we can be of assistance." The manager replied to the warranty statement by saying, "I know that there is one year manufacturer's warranty. All the sales people know that." Clearly you can understand our frustration. Nowehere on our bill of laden nor on our receipt does it say anything about a one-year limit on the warranty. The receipt statement clearly reads: "You don't just buy furniture; you buy peace of mind." Yeah, not so much.

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