My new townhome in Milton had a crappy High Velocity installed by the builder. After paying insurance for 2 years, the company came for an inspection, wouldn't touch this system, and refunded me the insurance. After contacting Craig, it was obvious he runs a decent company, honest, clean, on time, and the price was reasonable. I had to replace the Air Handler as well as the Coil. Craig was patient, informative, always replied to my calls and emails. Craig keeps his word, which is a very valuable thing these days!! I have already recommended Four Season's Comfort, and will continue to do so. Thank you Craig/Four Season's Comfort. Cynthia

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I have been paying insurance for 2 years so I can have peace of mind incase something happens to my Air Conditioning/Heating system. When I did have a problem, Reliance tells me that they don't touch my High Velocity System!! Well then why did you take my money for 2 years? Why did you not check what system I have before you took my money? How do you think it feels to have insurance, need help on a record hot week, and then be left in the cold? To top it all off, I get charged $89 service fee, and $1800 for a crappy used circuit board in a stapled plastic bag on my doorstep with no signature, that anyone could have taken! I had to spend so much time getting this rectified, all for nothing! . Very dissapointed! (I had to find another independent company to help me, thank God for them).

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Company Response

I apologize for the experience Cynthia and would like to look into this situation. Please contact me at with your contact/account info and I will escalate this issue for review. Thank you. RM