- we had an old 'Kayak Pool' which needed refurbishing - contacted a Kayak pool dealer in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and their owner,Willy, advised us they could rebuild our pool for $5692 and it would be as good as new so we signed a service order - pool was rebuilt in the fall of 2010 with the new liner , which we ordered from them , to be installed in the spring of 2011 - they came with the wrong liner in the spring of 2011 so they returned a few weeks later with the proper liner - correct liner was installed and we ordered water at a cost of approx $360.00 - to us but liner was installed badly with many wrinkles and numerous rocks under liner floor - after many phone calls and a site visit they agreed to replace the liner properly in the fall of 2011 - new liner , which came with a one year warranty , was replaced in Sept 2011 and water added again at a cost of approx $360.00 - to us - shutdown the pool in late fall of 2011 - when we went to open the pool in the spring of 2012 we noticed the water level was much lower than when we closed it but thought it might be evaporation as the winter was warm and pool cover had ripped and so we added more water at a cost of approx $240.00 to us - all the water leaked out of the pool in less than 24 hours as there was a rip in the seam of the new liner - after numerous calls and emailing photos of the ripped seam - which we had to find ourselves as they would not do a site visit , they agreed it was a manufacturers defect and would supply a new liner but that I had to pick it up myself - a 2.5 hour drive each way. They would not pay to have the replacement liner installed nor would they pay for replacing the water - when picking up the liner the owner of 'Canadian Recreational Products' expected me (a senior citizen) to carry it out to my car with no help - I refused so he reluctantly did it himself - after this nightmare and still facing an approx $1000.00 cost for liner installation and water replacement we , with regret, scrapped the pool

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