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We hired Eagle Enterprise in the summer of 2011 to renovate our basement family room and bathroom. Mike and his crew did a satisfactory job with our family room, but we had major issues with the bathroom. Mike would make decisions without consulting us. His crew installed a modular shower without our consent. The shower was flimsy, not installed properly and the shower door was chipped. We asked him to remove it, install a glass enclosure and we agreed to pay the extra cost. His crew retiled the shower but the work was so poorly done, that the tiles did not lineup properly in the corner. They were approx. 1" off. Mike refused to take responsibility for the poor workmanship and said that it was our fault that the tile work was not done properly - because we had asked him to remove the first shower that he had installed without our approval. We did not hear from Mike for about 2 weeks. In the meantime he sent a painter to our home to do some work. We did not suspect anything unusual, as we thought that Mike was waiting for the custom shower door and countertops before coming back to finish our bathroom. After the painter left, we received an email from Mike informing us that he would not be coming back to complete our bathroom. He cancelled (without our knowledge) the orders for the custom shower door and for the countertops. He would not take our phone calls and admitted in the email that the tile work would always be a problem. He said he could not trust us to pay him. He left us with 15 outstanding items to be done. We subsequently found a very good contractor to finish the work but it cost us a great deal more than we had already paid Mike. Now one year later, the tiles on the bathroom floor are loose and the grout is cracking. We are very disappointed with Eagle Enterpries as we had 2 references. Our bathroom reno in the end cost us twice as much as it should have.

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