An extremely expensive and stressful experience. Grossly over budget (+$200,000) and time to complete (supposed to be 3-4 months; took 9). The initial site spvr assigned to our project did not have the experience to deal with trades (we discovered we were his first project) Whenever we questioned what the site spvr had actually done we were told not to be "clock watchers", At $65/hr we felt we should receive more details as to what he'd done but were never provided anything. (despite being told we'd be provided weekly summaries) Site Spvr eventually "reassigned" to something else and the owner Brent took over. Most of my dealings with him were extremely strained to say the least. We were scolded for talking to the trades; despite the fact we were living onsite. Almost all the trades were excellent; it was our relationship with Artisan that was brutal. It should be pointed out that we were sold on the idea to use Artisan as Construction Mgr v/s General Contractor as it would save us money and eliminate any budget surprises; well neither were correct. I feel Artisan's tactics are deceptive in that the initial cost estimates we reasonable; but soon grew out of control. Artisan takes 20% commission/profit on the total project costs so there is little or no incnetive to keep costs down; quite the contrary. We were also advised late in the project that we, as homeowners; were in fact the General Contractors, As a result we were responsible for any issues with the trades (at the end of the project one trade threatened to put a lien on the house if we didn't pay a disputed invoice which Brent had assured us would be worked out.) Bottom line have the contract reviewed by a lawyer and speak to current clients; not those hand picked by Artisan.

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