My fiance and I recently purchased our first home, a 1960 bungalow. As a first time homebuyer you are always nervous of foundation issues and you often hear about the nightmare scenarios. Our house is built in "clay" soil so when the house settled it created movement on the foundation. Our neighbours had to completely reinforced their foundation, they hired Erics Concrete to do so. We moved into our new home and found not one but two cracks in our foundation after we completely "gutted the basement" to renovate it. Luckily Eric's foundation was working at my neighbours. I ask Scott one of the partners if he could come over to take a look at the cracks. He came over and explained why of the cracks had happened and what needed to be done to fix it. After spending time with him talking about the foundation I knew why my neighbour had hired them. Scott was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. He took the time to explain everything and pass on the knowledge; he didn't just tell me we can fix it and don't worry about the the "how". Scott took care of the locates and he booked me in once the locates were completed. The crew that come in to fix the issue were exactly as Scott was, helpful, friendly and they explained everything. Before digging the foundation with a mini excavator they did a check of the gas (just to be safe) to our surprise there was a gas leak. If they hadn't been professional and just started digging who knows what would have happened. I called Enbridge right away and got the leak taken care of. The crew waited for enbridge to come and started their work as soon as there was no more leak. While they were working I was there watching their every step to better understand the work and the crew took the time to explain every step for my comfort. They waterproof the outside, they installed metal brackets on the inside to make sure the foundation didn't move again and they even arranged for the cutting of an egrees window. They installed frost protection at the footing of the house for the window as well. Scott kept coming by to make sure the work was been done properly. I am extremely satisfied with Eric's Conrete in particular Scott and the crew to came to fix our two foundations crack. After dealing with him I am no longer as scared of foundation issues as I know I have a good, knowlegadeble and professional team behind me. I would highly recommend them to anybody. Five star service.

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