I booked this job 3 months ago and they arrived this week to tell me they cant do my project because they are overbooked while the front of my house is torn apart. they satrted by working monday for 2 hours, then tuesday the same thing. Today I asked when they will complete it and they told me not anytime soon because they are overbooked. The job was not in there best interest, I was sold the job based on there sales and wow was I ever disappointed. We now have a house that is a mess.......Thanks Gavin

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Company Response

We started this job with more than enough time to finish, and on the two days in question we stopped at logical end points for the stages we were doing. Without even politely asking if we were still on schedule, if we'd finish on time, and perhaps requesting an explanation for what they observed, this client jumped to the immediate conclusion that we weren't moving fast enough for their liking and threatened to find someone else.

Moreover, the deadline agreed to was at least another week out, and we would have had absolutely no problem finishing the project on time, and doing so while taking the care and paying the attention to detail that we normally exhibit.

We're not an in-out assembly line company. We don't sell it that way and we don't build our projects that way.