I was excited to get this wallpaper done and was really wanting to like their work, as I wanted to find someone to do my other interior design projects. But, unfortunately the wallpaper job wasn’t great. They didn’t line up the repeats and they left gaps, so you saw seams. I texted Chuck the next day and told him I had an issue with the wallpaper, after we installed the new light, and he never got back to me. He also bought the glue, that I paid him for, and he didn’t even leave the rest of the glue behind.

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I am very happy with this service. I was reluctant at the beginning because it looked worse and my husband was very irritated but they told me that it would take time just keep watering and mowing the lawn with a bag. I kept watering and mowing still nothing, probably because it was a very hot summer. BUT THEN IT HAPPENED, GRASS GREW A LOT! Yes there are still some weeds, but they said it would take 2 seasons anyways to get full results. But at the end of the summer/season I was very pleased as even patches where we removed hedges and there was nothing in its place and this area is also covered in grass. I can’t wait to see at the end of next season how it will be!

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Company Response

Thank you Natalie for your great feedback. We are all anxious to see instant results, but when growing plants, it definitely takes time, patience and most importantly your partnership to make it work.
We are pleased you stuck with it and didn't give up. Summers like 2020 make it very difficult to grow and maintain healthy plants, but we are glad you trusted us and persevered.
Its awesome to see the hard work pay of in the end. Now we just to need to keep fortifying the soil and plants to keep them healthy, and fight against another year of pests and stressful weather.
Together we win!