Despite walking through our house, North York Moving intentionally underestimated the size of truck needed to move our contents (many of which we had given away after the quote - so if anything we had significantly less to move). We agreed to their quote, which they guaranteed in writing for us weeks before the move. The day of the move, there were many unpleasant surprises, the worst of which was that our stuff came nowhere near fitting in the truck. We were already concerned about this happening during the estimation, and I had called Olivia, the GM who had done the walk-through of our home, weeks before the move to be guaranteed that everything would fit. I was told that 'they are professionals' and 'if everything doesn't fit in the truck, then they would get us another truck with no additional cost'. Well, surprise, surprise, everything didn't fit - didn't even come close. The owner, Joe, told us we had no choice but to pay almost double what we expected to get another truck that day. Olivia, who had guaranteed our quote in writing and had assured us everything would fit, dodged my calls the day of the move. With only hours before our house was going to close, we had no option, but to pay for an additional truck. We tried for an hour to work out the situation with the owner, Joe, even showing our written proof that our quote was firm, but they didn't seem to care that we were backed into a corner. They clearly knew we would need a 2nd truck before they even arrived that day. We were flabbergasted and disgusted that the company had no issue adding an outrageous amount of stress to an already stressful day. I would highly discourage anyone using this moving company. We were subject the perfect moving con. I hope this helps others stay out of their trap.

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