Although we came about using Crystal Granite through a contractor that was a complete con artist (previous review on Kreate Kitchens) Sheng at Crystal Granite did a great job for us. Our counters look perfect and they were installed on time. One was cut incorrectly and they took it back to the shop and sent out the correct size within a timely manner. One issue is a mould smell in our TV unit (it has granite tops) that seems to be leaching from the granite. We have bleached it underneath and have run fans on it for weeks however, 1 year later the smell has not dissipated. Slightly concerned that we will have to replace the stone.

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Chintz and company has incredible customer service. I used them to do $15K+ in custom drapery over 8 years ago and they are doing repair work on silk drapes for free even though the manager that I was dealing with left over 3 years ago. Margo is an exceptional member of their staff and has always gone above and beyond to ensure that we are happy even though the work they performed for us was many years ago. I would recommend them to anyone due to their high quality workmanship and above and beyond customer service.

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We hired Kreate to do a home renovation consisting of kitchen, back hall/laundry, media centre and bar. At the time, we considered this individual a friend and he was giving us a wonderful deal with his start up company and he was to use our home as a "showroom" and we were going to recommend him to others (4 people) who were waiting to see the results of our job. We signed the contract on Oct. 19th and gave him 10,000 cash deposit to get started (and have since found out that he didn't even have a pre-paid contractors out on that one). We were told that he had all the cabinetry (boxes, drawer and door fronts and vanity panels) and everything would be on site in order for them to be complete within a one month time frame. When his staff arrived onsite, they were not aware of the scope of the job from the beginning. Didn't know floors were coming out, insulation was being replaced, new dry wall was going in. When I mentioned our Nov 30 deadline, they looked panicked. Within days his workers were telling us to watch out as he had other jobs going sideways and wasn't fixing them. The contractor was never on site (4 times in 7 months) and we always had to be home to meet sub contractors to discuss what needed to be done. After 3 plumbers showing up and refusing to do the work we had to hire and pay for our own. The electrition asked us for money because he hadn't been paid, the flooring contractor threatened to lien us because he hadn't been paid (we paid him) and we found out that we were missing 27 pieces of cabinetry to complete our job. The cabinets were from China and we couldn't even match the profile in Canada. This contractor constantly makes promises about finishing the job or negotiating reimbursement but NEVER follows through. It has now been almost 8 months and we are still not done. We paid to have blades made so we could match the rest of the doors, we have paid for the finishing on the cabinets, his employee directly to do crown and some door installation, we need glass doors, shelving and a walk in closet. We have been beyond patient and have been ignored, yelled at and he literally has done nothing for us (paid for or planned) anything on our house since Dec. with the exception of 3 work days for crown mouldning and media install (with product we bought and sent out to be cut and prepped). We have personally been the ones supervising, organizing, picking up product, dropping off product and WE are the contractors on the job. We have negotiated new completion dates numerous times that were never met and have been willing to negotiate the almost 50% overages but again, get no response or promises that are never met. We are not the only ones with this experience and I feel it necessary to warn people of this company and contractor. He is a great salesman but DOES NOT do what he is contracted to do. There is so much more to say as this experience has been nothing short of a horrific gong show but our basic point is STAY AWAY FROM KREATE or you will lose money, time and go through unimaginable stress.

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