On October 30, 2020 I called this company to remove the mould in my home, My first initial call they told me it would be $240 plus tax for them to come in and remove the mould. I was charged for $2800 for things they never once mentioned before and things they honestly didn't even do.... For example, they never did the demolition as my brother did it prior to them coming. Also they never told me in the first conversation that there was a "late night fee." If i knew that i would have contacted another company or even waited until the morning. They took advantage of me. After being charged from my credit card they sent a 17 page invoice. I called several times a day and asked to speak to Phillip, for 5 days straight. Every single time i was told that he was busy, or would call back. He never called back ever. Them avoiding my calls shows to me what kind of company they are. They do the exact same thing to other vulnerable people. I was fooled by the initial great google reviews. What a joke.

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