I am 100% satisfied. This company was easy to schedule with, on time, well priced, courteous, etc. I am one pleased customer and will definitely call them again anytime I need a plumber.

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Our couch was almost 4 months late and we constantly had to call for updates. When we complained about the lack of communication, we just got a bunch of excuses and no apologies. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. They have no concept of customer service and seem perfectly ok with doing very poor work. Stay away!

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Company Response


We are a bit perplexed that you felt it necessary to post something regarding your experience with Halstead when we feel we have tried really hard to help you in every way possible. The fact that the fabric was back ordered is out of our control as much as it is yours and it is very much out of the ordinary for a fabric to be unavailable for that length of time. When we found out it was on B/O we contacted you offering you to reselect fabric or refund your deposit and you said at that time you would wait for the back order to come in. We attempted to ease the burden by providing you with a loaner piece of upholstered furniture until your order was complete, after the discussion regarding the original loaner provided was not suitable for your décor and also not consistent with the size of your sectional that was being produced; we swapped out the original loaner for a sectional we produced solely for you to match your décor and room configurations. I feel this is actually a level of service that would surpass most expectations. We aggressively advocated on your behalf to have the fabric provided as soon as it became available and continued to do so through the process. We offered to cancel the fabric protection at the plant as an option-not to sacrifice the quality but to simply offer an alternative to expedite completion (saving approx 4-6 weeks) you declined this and decided to wait. Once the fabric was completed at the fabric protection plant we transported it air for you out of the USA again to expedite the order.
We gave you a communication schedule as to when we would be touching base with you on your order a communication schedule you said was acceptable, every date was met either on the date or prior to the expected date. When we told you your order was complete and ready for delivery you mentioned those dates were not convenient and pushed the delivery back a week.
We understand your frustration but feel we dealt with this difficult situation as best that we can and will endeavor to continue to give you a high level of customer service.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email.