I recently had a full kitchen renovation completed. After agreeing with VGC to go ahead with my project (with Schwan) just before the Covid lockdown in the spring, I was unsure about what would happen. However, once VGC were able to get their operations running again we were able to proceed safely. My experience was very good. I worked with Zaineb on the project, who helped me with my design selections and also managed the project overall once underway. This was my first large reno project and I was quite concerned about it, which is why I wanted a company who had a full range of services. It went very well. Zaineb kept on top of the schedule and the contractors and informed me when issues came up that required my attention. The contractors were reliable, efficient and did a good job. I was especially concerned about the project given the Covid measures we have in place but despite this everything was done according to plan. I had some minor gripes with a couple of the change orders and little things towards the end of the project, like decorative finishes, but these were addressed before completion. Zaineb was a great help, available to respond when needed and keeping me informed. Overall I'm very happy with my experience and would recommend them. I would be happy to use them again for my next project.

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