I ordered blinds from Alleen's two years ago, and from what I remembered the all process went through smoothly. Sonia helped me at that time, so last month, when I decided to order more draperies, I went back to her. However this is is a MESS! We trusted them that's why we paid up the full payment up front. Then, we never heard back from Sonia. She never picked up my calls nor replied my calls. She promised me that the drapes would be done by the end of May, but she never kept her promises. Finally, 3 weeks after her promised installment time, the drapes are ready. However, the measurements are they have to send it back and get it remade. I called Sonia hoping for an explanation, but all she did was sloughing off. She said she would give me a response by the end of the day but never did. She also told me that the installation department is in charge to give me an approximate date for the next installation. I contacted the installation department and they are clearly not told what was going on. She was hiding the truth from me which made me furious. Honesty is the most important thing in business. If you cannot even give your customer a mere explanation then what's the point for staying in business? I already cancelled my Europe trip due to their irresponsibility and now I think I have to postpone my other trips too...

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