Not really a great experience - at all. No formal order acknowlegment after the order was placed and the e-transfer was made, even after repeated requests. Finally received an informal text after 6-1/2 weeks and repeated pressing - just BS. During original conversation with Paul prior to ordering back in June, he stated the lead time time was 2 - 3 weeks. Upon placing the order in September, the lead time was 3 - 4 weeks. I called after 3 weeks requesting an update, the lead time then became 4 - 5 weeks, then 6 weeks. Cover finally arrived after 7 weeks and 2 days. When Paul finally dropped the cover off, he left it leaning against my garage and just sent a text after he left stating he dropped it off, knowing full well I was home. He could not even call or knock on the door. Did not even leave an invoice. I called (and texted) him 15 minutes after he left asking about said invoice. His attitude was very cavalier about it, like it didn't even occur to him he should've left/provided one. He said he would email it to me (later??). Have my doubts as of typing this review. Paul was a little hard to reach at times and definitely did not leave me with any sense of reassurance, really just felt like I was being s-c-a=m=m=e=d the whole time. I think he needs to improve his business model and skills, maybe set up some sort of escrow system. Asking for 100% payment up front is unfair, leaves the client with way too much disadvantage. Paul does not need 100% payment up front, maybe 50% at best, to place the order, and even more so because he does not operate a bricks and mortar operation. The balance can be paid on delivery. I'm going to reserve recommendation of Paul / Durham Covers to potential buyers. I'd be happy to share the text conversations to back up my comments. My phone number is 416-625-3975. Feel free to call or text. My name is JJ. Update: I held off submitting this review for one day to see if Paul would follow through with his promise to email me an invoice. He did follow through on that promise and sent it later last night.

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Company Response

When you placed your order on sept 15, the factory, which there are only two in Canada, said 3 to 4 weeks delivery. The factory ran into production delays due to covid. You were constantly calling me to find out a definite date and I constantly told you, I did not know the date because it is not my factory and this is the busiest time of year to make covers. I delivered the cover as soon as they made it. That is the best I could do. In terms of not ringing your doorbell, I am sorry but I visit about 14 to 20 addresses in a day, mostly seniors and my covid policy is to limit contact to protect people from Barrie to Port Hope. Amazon leaves packages at your house. I, at least contacted you once I did. You should be a little kinder during this pandemic because in case you have not noticed, everything is delayed and it was totally out of my control. The other factory is a 3 month delivery time, 6 weeks is not too bad.