I purhased a freezer online at The product was sound after doing a bit of reserach. The only gripe i do have is charging a 'pick-up' fee at their store which isn't a practice of other online stores charging. Other purchases I have made have been small items and was charged $3 for a pick-up which I decided to cancel on the order. Sorry for the gripe, but for this purchase, the product was good, the pick-up and service to help place it in my car was also good. Picked-up at the Coquitlam Centre store and have always had good service there.

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Greatly priced against other competitors, was able to outfit our bedset with a comfortable bed spread. Service was par for the course and would recommend others to shop there. Thanks very much for a good experience.

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I had the pleasure of getting a great experience from this store and would highly recommend just for the service alone. Thank you and was very please with my purchase

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