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Anything BUT professional. Do not use them. Profmovers is one of the most unprofessional companies I have come across. They cannot do their job properly and they certainly do not deserve to be in business. This was my experience: - False advertisements: They’ll tell you everything you want to hear BEFORE they take your money - Picked up my belongings and money but never delivered the service they promised - Unresponsive email and telephone correspondences. When we finally get a hold of them, the conversation usually turns into an argument - Profmovers attach fine prints to our signed documents after the fact—basically adding clauses to cover themselves - I eventually had to hire a better company to pickup my belongings from their warehouse and move all over again - The refund process was even more daunting: They kept a 30% of the payment to cover “expense,” which was disclosed after the fact; money was not available the first time we visited their office; asked us to wait for a cheque in the mail; then they had an issue with the bank and can no longer issue cheques (red flag); the manager eventually asked us to pick up the money ourselves—basically take it or leave it If you want to save yourself the trouble, don’t hire them. Hire a reputable company instead. Always check for a good BBB rating.

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