I've used Tri-M Plumbing on two previous occasions and I was reasonably happy with their work. They were pricey but very reliable. I even recommended them to my mom. However, I couldn't help but feel disappointed after my third experience with this company where I paid for 6 hours of labour charges to replace a leaking hot water tank. It really seemed excessive to me. Despite my appeals, they were adamant that the job required 6 hours when factoring in travel time required to verify the warranty coverage, haul away the old tank and obtain the gas permit. My research and sources tell me that replacing a hot water tank should take no longer than 4 hours for a professional. It would have been nice if (at the very least) we wouldn't have been charged full rate for the travel time. I still think this is a quality company with very professional workers. However, I will try another company for my next plumbing project.

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