I had very unhappy neighbors in the middle of a heatwave when my air conditioner what making a huge racket and cycling on and off relentlessly. I put out a desperation call and Night n Day answered first thing in the morning. I had a great quote by 10:30am and they were installing by noon on a Friday with more heatwave coming! The new unit was completely up and running by 2:30. I am so thrilled about the outstanding service and excellent price but I believe my condo neighbors will probably want to buy the gents a cake. Couldn't possibly be happier! Thanks for stepping in to help me out.

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We're glad we could make you and your neighbors happy and comfortable!


I wish I had found this site and read the comments about Sterling before building with them. I chose them on the basis of their claims about being so highly ranked in customer satisfaction which was terribly important to me. Unfortunately, my experience has been downright traumatizing. I was required to sign a document that says the company is not responsible for what the sales staff say but everytime I need anything I am REQUIRED to go thorough the sales staff who seem to hate dealing with customers or are terribly put out by writing things down. My first staff had no clue about their product, didn't inform me about key policies which will cost me huge money to amend. Sterling refused to stand by it even though I had a witness at every meeting. The second sales staff is downright intimidating to deal with - pretty much everything angers him. When I ask for something specific I am told (harshly) that I am over thinking things and yet when what I don't want shows up in my house am told too bad, it's on my plan. In the end, they just beat me down and I get whatever they want to do. People please, get EVERTHING in writing with this builder before signing a single paper, bring witnesses to everything, if at all possible, do not sign that particular paper that says Sterling is not responsible for whatever the salesman says unless you are prepared to fight every step of the way. It's a game they have more experience in playing than we do and they will win it. In the end, I have just given up trying and I am absolutely terrified to speak. I am spoken to as if I am scum and every question is met with a glare or harsh words or by angrily throwing paper around. I can't wait to sell it and put this behind me. I absolutley would have walked out on this deal if I would not have lost my life's savings in the process. The good news is I no longer have any desire to build a dream home on my bucket list.

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