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We were hoping to find an easy solution for our patio door. Our goal was to spend very little money to protect us from the insects that would fly though our patio door. We weren't able to install a full screen door, so this was a great alternative. The magnets work very well when coming in and out. However, the only downside is the visual appeal. There is a thick black line (where the magnets are) that now block the sunlight. It's a small compromise for the price and practicality. Good buy!

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The service was spotty. The shipment had contents that were not the correct colour, parts (a screw) were broken and one of the attendants arranged for us to meet her to pick up boxes and they were not ready so we drove to Toronto for no reason. In addition, the boxes have a very strong chemical odour. We cleaned them several times and after 2 months, they still smell.

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