Recently my sumpm pump went bad. I called this company and within 3 hours they were at my doorstep and ready to install not only my sump pump but a back up for it (battery). This job required removing the old pump and line and installing the new one. However, my pit was pretty dirty and Paul cleaned it out very well before installing the new pump. After installation, he tested it and reviewed the LED readings that were part of the battery back up pump and what they meant. He finished, but I asked him if he could just look at 2 more items that were not on his list when he made the appointment. One was a leak in an outside faucet that he repaired quickly and efficienly. But he had to turn off the water in the house. He also looked at my downstairs toilet that needed a need flush handle that my wife was not satisfied with. He installed that also without any thing but positive comments. Paul was very neat, clean and knew his skills very well. After he finished and left I could not believe how clean he left the house after that job. I highly recommend Paul for any plumbing job. He was just a superior plumber. Joe

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