Could not recommend them less. At first all seemed good - they were supposed to arrive at 2:30 and called early to say they'd be late which I appreciated. The time was scheduled between 2:30 and 3. After waiting until 4 they finally showed up. They seemed rushed as we did the walk through and said that the three of them would take 1.5 hours for a move-out clean which I thought was very quick. We left, and they called promptly 1.5 hours later. We returned to the house to find the fridge hadn't been touched and our upstairs bathroom still had hair and lint all over the floor. They quickly bought the girls back inside to clean the fridge and from the banging that went on I'm surprised nothing was broken. After the fridge was done they pretty much ran out the door and I failed to complete the walk thru. After closer inspection very few of the promised services had been completed - the lights hadn't been touched, the floor had been mopped but not swept so there were bits of black lint all over it. Some cupboards hadn't been cleaned, one of the counter tops was filthy, the stove top hadn't been cleaned, there was calcium on the fridge door. I could go on. We had also signed up for their carpet cleaning deal and were expecting the carpets to be cleaned. So our carpets hadn't even been vacuumed by these guys! In fact, they said that they'd "forgotten" the vacuum. We were also told that the carpet cleaners were "unreachable" after the clean so we'd get a call within the hour. Two hours later the carpet cleaners called to say that they'd not be coming and would have to reschedule for the next day. We set up an appointment for 10am. We drove the hour from our new place to this one to meet the carpet cleaners at 10 and waited. And waited. We waited an hour before I sent a note to Samantha describing the experience and our disappointment in the quality of service. $300 and we really had nothing to show for it. The carpet cleaners *never* showed up. $300 got us a terrible clean, a lousy experience, lots of wasted time and about 5 hours of us cleaning our house ourselves. If you like clean, and your money, I'd definitely look elsewhere - these guys are a joke. Oh, and that note I sent regarding the lousy service? They didn't bother responding. Nor did I ever receive an invoice for the job. Stay away.

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Company Response

Dear Issa,

I would like to apologies for the lousy experience you has with us. We never intended to rush through the move-out clean but we did have 3 cleaners there. As for the fridge the three of us cleaned it out in 10 mins because it was not bad! We removed all pieces and did a thorough cleaning. As for the hair on the floor in the bathroom you could have asked us to redo the bathroom floor when your wife and you went upstairs to look around. You wife even stated "The kitchen looks clean and so shiny"!
As for the carpet cleaning we do provide great quality cleaning but was our mistake for not showing up or even giving you a phone call.

Once again I sorry for all the inconvenience.

Samantha S.