On Oct 21, 2011, Juffs installed a new roof (shingles, eaves and skylights) for our home. We were given a ten-year warranty: “All workmanship for roofing installations are guaranteed under normal seasonal weather conditions for 10 years from date of completion." In mid-May 2018, we noticed some intermittent behaviour in the operation of one of our skylights. We reported the problem to Juffs by phone on May 16, 2018. No return call. Phoned almost daily. No return call. On May 22, with the return of excellent weather and exasperated, we phoned the manufacturer, Velux, who was exceedingly professional and efficient. Their repair cost us $141.25 and the repairperson made it clear that the problem – blind contacts not installed correctly – was a direct result of an Juffs' improper installation. We reported this to Juffs (asking for a reimbursement) on May 24. Juffs asked for “a quick email and copy of the invoice” which we promptly provided. They said they would get to this soon. We followed up on May 26 and May 31 after which we were told they would “get right to it and get back to us shortly.” Nothing. We phoned on June 13. Nothing. On June 18 we received a return call, apologizing for the delay and that Juffs would “reach out shortly.” We phoned or emailed (or both) on July 27, Aug 08, Aug 28, Sep 18 and Oct 17, 2018. Nothing from Juffs. We followed up by phone four more times in 2019, in May, November and twice in December. No response. We've given up. And this after we've given Juffs three recommendations to acquaintances. We are left with the question, why would Juffs, with excellent product and normally so highly regarded, engage in such shoddy customer service, at least in our case?

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