Atlas is very quick to respond to my alarms. There are times when I accidentally set off my alarm (ie, opening the window while the 'stay' alarm is on). Within a minute, I got a call from Atlas asking whether I was alright and for me to give them my 'safe' password. They also verified several personal information of mine before hanging up. With Atlas, I feel safe and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a security alarm system.

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I went to the Re-Opening weekend at Ikea Richmond and grabbed a few great deals. The bookshelf I bought was very easy to assemble and was very sturdy. All the required parts to put the shelf together was present and the picture instructions were very easy to understand. I bought a small bedside lamp that came with a light bulb. It was simple but was bright enough to light up my room. The Poang chair was on sale during the re-opening week for half the price. However, when I tried to assemble the chair, I found that some screws were missing (I assume it was a return item) . In addition, building the chair was more complex than building the bookshelf so I decided to return the chair. I wouldn't recommend my mother building her own furniture from IKEA, but I would recommend some simple small furnitures for her.

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I had a couple coming to stay with me a few months ago so in preparation for their stay, I wanted to thoroughly clean my guest room and the common area so I hired Merry Maid for the job. It was easy to schedule a cleaning with them. They arrived on time and looked and acted very professional. However, they were also approachable and friendly. I did the white glove test at the end of their cleaning on random places and my gloves remained white. The only thing I was not expecting was them asking to use my vacuum cleaner since I assumed they would have one of their own. All-in-all, I would say this was one of the best cleaning companies I have hired in the metro Vancouver area. I would recommend this company's service.

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