From the moment I called Rick, he was enthusiastic and eager to help us (but not in a presumptuous manner, which was refreshing). I got good vibes even on the phone, as he explained up front what an inspection would (and would not) entail. And on top of all that, his prices are quite reasonable! He arrived ten minutes early, and began walking around the property taking photos as I pulled in/settled in. I was grateful that he pro-actively followed COVID-19 protocols, including masking and gloves. Rick was extremely friendly, patient, and professional throughout the inspection. We reviewed and signed the contract first, and discussed the extent and limitations of what his service would include, as we had on the phone, to set expectations and an understanding. He had me follow him the entire time, so that he could walk me through the process (I was a first time home buyer). He noted what we were looking at next, explained what he was inspecting/looking out for, pointed out both positive things and potential issues, and offered explanations of each, as we went through. He took nothing for granted, as he knew I was a first timer, and went into as much or as little detail as I wished/needed (he was also good at gauging when I understood what he was explaining, so as not to belabor a point, but was always ready to provide more details if requested). Rick was extremely patient, and was happy to answer any and all questions I asked, however silly or redundant they may have been. This helped reassure me not only that he was being honest with me, but also that I understood the condition of my prospective home, both the good and the..less good. Rick was very friendly, and we chatted informally throughout the process, both about the inspection and house but also about our lives, a little. This put me at ease as well, as I learned a little about him, and could tell that he started this business out of a genuine desire to help people, especially first timers like me, make informed decisions about the biggest purchase of their lives. Rick took his time - and this is a good thing. He went through every element of the inspection methodically, taking care to explain things as we went. He completed his examination in the time he prescribed at the outset (2.5 hours), but at no point was he rushing to get everything done within that time frame; he was relaxed, and again, expressed no hesitation when I stopped him to ask for clarity on anything. We reviewed the unedited report at the end of the inspection, in full, and he gave me another opportunity to ask further questions or express concerns before we finalized and I paid (he had digital payment options available on site). He had another inspection that afternoon, but said he would get me the edited/final report by 6pm, and he followed through on that promise. I would happily and confidently recommend Rick and Homeworks Inspection Services to anyone, but especially first time home buyers; this is a very stressful experience, generally speaking, and Rick can help make at least this part of that experience a little less intimidating/overwhelming.

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Company Response

Thank you for the fantastic review! It was an absolute pleasure performing your inspection!