Basically, this company is very poorly run. I only ever had email interaction with them, and they weren't all that pleasant about their emails, or quick with replies either. I am not sure if it's too many owners/managers having too little to do with the actual running of the company or what it is. My first regular appt, they didn't even show up. When I emailed, the owner made some excuse, but with the girl arrived a couple hours late she said they just texted her and added my place to her 'to do' list today. She asked me if I had just called and set it up today and I replied that I had had the appt set up for a couple of weeks. The owners/management didn't even give as much as a sorry to me for the inconvenience. After that it was one comedy of errors after another. They would show up at 9 am after I had just received an appt email for 2 pm the day prior. Once they even arrived on a completely different day 3 days after I had just had it cleaned, and they informed me that my key to my house didn't work. I told them that I hadn't given them a key...they were at the completely wrong place. It was after the second time getting them actually that I decided not to give a key at all. Originally I had no problem with this, but there wasn't one interaction with the owners that went well. They either didn't know what I was talking about, or mixed things up every appt. The one time I complained about the cleaning via email, the response I received was very short "what was wrong or different this time?", so I sent a lengthy email and then didn't hear back for a couple days until I had to email again and ask if they received it. Very poor!!! I also use the term "cleaned" loosely. The cleaning was half decent as long as one particular staff member wasn't present. Lots of things were missed and the people cleaning it are always different, so how do you have a rotation of things that you do one week and things you do the next? Basically it was just surface cleaned and things like moving couches or dusting blinds isnt even thought of. I didn't get the impression they cared at all. They were trying to get out of here as quickly as possible. I don't blame them, I blame management. Cost is another issue. I was being overcharged. When I would try to clarify what I am paying, I would get different answers depending on who I talked to. I would think long and hard before purchasing a package.

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Company Response

We are not aware of any of these issues and would be happy to resolve them. Unfortunately the issue described has not been brought to our attention. We assign the same two cleaners to each client so I am unsure as to how we could have send a different team each time. Please call us at 780-758-1825 to discuss.

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