Traian is exceptional at what he does: creating beautiful kitchens. Here's how he does it: - He provides insightful advice on creative ways to make your dollar go further (e.g. installing custom doors on ikea cabinets) and increase the durability and lifespan of the kitchen (e.g. premium hinges, etc.) - Traian's attention to details is second to none -- it borders on obsession but in a very, very good way :) He spends a lot of time planning and making small adjustments to ensure that everything is built in the best way possible. It's really incredible. - Traian also has a network of great people who you get to tap into as his client, from electricians to plumbers, to tilers and more. Each of these professionals share his passion for quality and customer service. - Traian is extremely ethical and responsible, and a pleasure to work with. He's a funny and amicable guy, always does what he says he's gonna do, and proactively seeks out your guidance when it's appropriate. Honestly, this has been our best home improvement experience ever, hands down. We wish we had a second kitchen so we could do it all over again! HIRE THIS MAN AND HIS COMPANY!

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Company Response

It was a long haul for you starting with the plumbing in the building. Everything could have been smoother but sometimes we have to work harder to achieve the results we want and it looks that we just managed to do that.