I've applied for this program in February, due to Covid I just got my inspection on July. The person (Home Energy Expert -HEE) who inspected my house said they will replace some appliances in my house and was very clear that my house didn't need any insulation job. Last week, on July 24th I've received an email from greensaver's "HAP administration" in which they said the HEE determined my appliances are not eligible for replacement. However, they said that the insulation program was still in review. I wonder what do they have to review if the HEE mentioned there is no need for insolation in the house. On the other hand, he did mention some appliances were going to be replaced. Sadly, I've signed a lot of papers and shared very important information with people I have no idea where they come from and even worst just follow a bunch inconsistencies. Please, be aware of this people, they will promise everything and then just grab your information. After reading some reviews in this website and other apparently I'm not the only one who has been in this "process" and had the exactly same history. be aware and don't waste your time or risk you safety by sharing such amount of information with these people. Edited July 29th 2020 I've contacted support service and the only person in the company named Ben just make fun of me playing dumb. He never answered my questions and just hangup the call. Please AVOID this company, don't make any contact or business with them. I've learned the hard way that anything is free in this country. They will treat you really god when contacting them and them it will be a nightmare. Avoid them. There is only one person who apparently works there and is the worst person in the world, make fun of my accent and make fun of me by repeating the same question and never tried to solve the issues and concerns I had.

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