Horrible, horrible service. Installed wrong size toilet (17" not 15"requested). Now needs bucket to flush. Didn't come with correct supplies and tools. Plumber hostile; threatened to walk off the job when I expressed disappointment.

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Company Response

Procare Plumbing checked the main sewer, ran the power auger to make sure the sewer was clear of debris, this was done free of charge. Customer had 2 issues: toilet on main floor not flushing properly and bathroom sink was not piped properly or to code. We re-piped the bathroom sink to code and recommended the toilet be replaced. Procare made 3 different trips to show the customer different options for toilets. The customer picked the toilet from our suppliers product catalog which has all specs and description. This was a special order. The customer notified us a few days after installation that she did not like the toilet (too high) and did not flush properly. The solution was to replace the toilet immediately to suit the customers needs, free of charge. Customer stated she required several weeks to source the product that suited her needs. Procare Plumbing cannot install a product for free for customers to use while making a decision for the proper product that suits them. This product that was installed was a special order. We have installed dozens of the same product in commercial and residential and never had any complaints of them not working properly. Procare Plumbing stands behind their work 110% and we have offered to go and install the product that the customer chooses, when they do, supplied by them, free of charge. Procare does not tolerate hostile customers. In that situation, you could bend over backwards and that suctomer would not be happy. The plumber we sent to do that job stated the customer was hostile and he would not return to that particular customers home.
Procare Plumbing stands behind their work and their staff 110%.