We re-hired Rez and his team of contractors after they did a beautiful job renovating our kitchen in July-September 2020. The bathroom reno started in March 2021 and due to covid we had to wait 8 weeks to get all of our fixtures and bathtub. Finally on June 5, 2021 we had everything and thought we'd be finished by the end of the month. Unfortunately Rez has spread himself and his team too thin because the project sat with NO PROGRESS for 8 weeks!!! After continually promising to complete everything, including having his subcontractors (plumber, electrician, tiler) in on set dates and having no one show up, we got fed up. I don't trust Rez to complete work on time, and he's taken on too much work for him to oversee the work he's promised to do. The plumber made the tub no longer level and did a brutal job installing the taps in the tub (hot and cold taps not in line with each other and too close to the wall so the tiling wouldn't fit!). He also told us that the plumbing rough in was wrong so I spent more time searching for that... but what we had on June 5 was correct all along - now I have to return a $200 part purchased online (after verifying with Rez that it was correct). Countless times there were excuses for why he or his subcontractors weren't coming or the work was being pushed further and further ahead. The end product is beautiful but the toilet already doesn't work and the lights in the tub don't turn on - Rez didn't take the time to Project Manage his own subcontractors. Very disappointed.

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We do not sub-contractor our projects and I am involved in all of my projects. Managing our team and meeting the deadline was not the issue here. And as you mentioned above we did a beautiful job with your kitchen and completed on time. That's why you hired us again. The issue here was that you ordered your own tub and faucet from Montreal and you purchased your own toilet from Home Depot. After the toilet was install the pump mechanism was not working was right you needed to return it and get a new toilet. Once you received your tub, my team and I came to your place on three different occasions and on all three occasions that we were there, we found that the parts were wrong and you kept sending it back. It took you 2.5 months to get this parts in order. Unfortunately with this type of tub we couldn't move to the next stage till we had the tub and faucet installed first. I have all the emails and text messages in case you need to refresh your memory. You expected us to jump back to your project after 2.5 months waiting and not realizing that we had/have other projects on the go. There was no respect and no understanding from your end, but I still booked you in with a tight schedule to complete your batbroom as I promised.
Bottom line your bathroom was delayed for your own mistakes and not because of Skylane Construction. I should have invoiced you for all the times we wasted and for all the free work that we did. And I still did NOT receive the last payment of your balance.


Reza and his team have done a wonderful job on my ongoing kitchen reno. He is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive whenever we reach out to him. He and his trades work are fantastic - attention to detail is great and he’s kept the area always clean and swept which is so appreciated during a major reno! At the beginning of the project he was an excellent listener as we described what we wanted and provided ideas as well. He’s been incredibly flexible when our cabinet maker has changed specs and quickly gets the job done. We already have other renos planned for the very near future and feel very confident that Reza and Skylane Construction will do another stellar job. We would recommend his services with no hesitation!

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Thank you for considering us for your kitchen renovation and we at Skylane Construction Services Inc like to say thank you for your business and your kind review we are looking forward working with you in the near coming future.
Thank you
Skylane Construction Services Inc.