Thorough and clear quotations. Excellent workmanship. Flexible and honest business ethics. Would not hesitate to have Passionate Painters perform other work.

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Thanks again to you and your wife for trusting us with the care of your property. Looking forward to working with you again in future.


"high pressured water flush of all eavestrough" Beware that they only use garden hose pressure. "leaf guards .... sections will be removed to collect any debris" - they could have down this but chose not to.

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Hi Wray, I am sorry that you misunderstood our estimate, but no where does it say that we use a pressure washer(pls see the exact description for a cleaning service below). The reason that we do not use a pressure washer is that the amount of pressure used with a pressure washer is too much for eavestroughs and might cause damage. Please note that your roof is in terrible condition; and the shingles would have cracked under the pressure of a pressure washer.

Before we started this service, you and I had a conversation explaining that the chicken wire that you have up there is not a good protection against leaves, otherwise (even with the years of neglect) you would not have so much debris underneath it. Both myself and the team told you that we would do what we could, but without removing the leaf guard, we would be limited in how well the eavestroughs were cleaned.

On a side note, with the amount of debris build up you had in your troughs, pressure washing it would have moved all the crap towards the downpipes and clogged your downpipes. It is too bad this platform does not allow us to post before and after pictures of this service. Others could be the judge; if we really deserved a 1/10. You eavestroughs/ and roof are in terrible shape. A cleaning service will only get you so far with years of neglect.


As a side note, the following is a very clear and concise description of our cleaning service. Everyone who asks for a cleaning gets the same description:

Stabilizers are used to rest the ladders onto the roof.
Full debris removal by hand from all eavestroughs.
High pressured water flush of all eavestrough (done at the discretion of the crew leader).
Basic tightening of the existing fastening system to ensure eaves is tight to roof.
Debris to be collected and left in a brown lawn bag and left at the side of your house, or in another designated area identified by yourself.

If you have leaf guards on your eavestroughs, we will sweep on top of the guards and do a high-pressure water spray through the leaf guard holes to direct any debris down the downpipes. If possible, certain sections (less than 4' in length) will be removed to collect any debris, that piece of leaf guard will be re-installed (if in good condition). This will help to ensure the clean flow of water through the eavestrough.