Friendly and hard working. Installed furnace and AC in one visit. Most of AC installation was done in a rain storm.

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Company Response

Thanks for your business Jay. We appreciate that you took the time to write us this review. Once we give our word to a customer, we stand by it and will deliver. I'm glad that we could install your AC when you needed it the most. Rest assured we are always here when you need us to service it.

Air Leaders Inc


Was contacted back in February that I could sign up for a Smart Home system which included a 'smart' thermostat. Selling pitch was that I would still receive the current coverage I had for heating an cooling with a Smart thermostat and overall it would be cheaper than what I was paying at that time. I agreed and had the thermostat installed in early March 2020. Everything was working well until the hot weather came around and we wanted to turn on the AC and it wouldn't turn on. When I called to request service, they advised me that I don't have any coverage for AC or heating for that matter and there would be a fee to have the system checked an possibly repaired. My coverage was cancelled back in February when I went with the Smart Home system even though I had specifically advised them that I didn't want my coverage to change and was told that my coverage would stay the same as it was previously and it would be slightly less expensive with this new plan. I then contacted an external cooling repair person and he advised that he thought that the issue may be with the new thermostat and how it communicates with the AC unit. I contacted Enercare again and the Smart Home person walked me through some troubleshooting with the thermostat and now, not only my AC won't turn on but also my heat won't turn on when this was tested. She also advised that she thought it was likely the thermostat that was the issue and that they have been having similar issues with other customers with this specific thermostat. She advised that she would have someone contact me to schedule a technician to look at it. I was contacted by another member of the Smart Home team who advised me that it could be a wiring issue and that they would need to charge to have a technician come out. I asked, why I was not advised of this "wiring issue" when they initially installed the thermostat and why was I advised that this seems to be a common issue with this thermostat. I then advised Enercare that I would like to just cancel this Smart Home service and return the thermostat and I would go out and purchase a new thermostat and have an external technician look at my AC if it is indeed something wrong with my unit. They advised that I would have to pay over $400 to cancel the service as it is a 36 month term even though first of all they incorrectly cancelled my heat and cooling coverage and then advised me that this is a common issue with this thermostat. I just want to get rid of the thermostat and the service and deal with someone else for any maintenance issues. Not worth the hassle or the cost of the coverage.

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