Under the previous company name, I asked and paid for (with warranty) a "poly aspartic" floor finish (2 car garage). First problem I noticed next day was the finish coat - inconsistent (patchy - gloss and dull areas). Rick sent his floor guy at the time to refinish and make more consistent, and it was slightly better. Stored my collector car over the winter and noticed in the Spring, brown-orange stains where the tires sat, which I could not remove. Rick sent his partner again to repair/refinish the spots and the flakes used were not the same color and notably different. The stains re-appeared even with a plastic barrier to protect. This same car was parked at my previous house where polyurea was applied by another company and I had no such issues. Later, I noticed tracking stains and tire spots on the daily driver side. Asked a competitor installer recently to assess and he said in his 10 years of experience he has not seen such a problem with poly products. Sent a message to Rick's website indicating the problem and warranty and no response. Unless he's since using a different product and installer I do not recommend this company for garage floor application. A $3,000 mistake choosing this company!

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Company Response

Duncan - sorry to hear about the overall experience as it relates to the floor installation, repair and issues that you dealt with.
Rick retired from the business a few years back and so I'm not sure which email address your request was sent to.

As for the stains, they would have been caused due to the product that was used. Some polyaspartic manufacturers unfortunately are known to have issues with certain rubber compounds.

Fortunately, at Garage Tailors we don't use the same polyaspartic product and haven't had to deal with your issue. As for a solution to the problem, most often a 100% rubbing alcohol and a strong brush will take care of stains on a polyaspartic or polyurea floor.

Apologies for your experience.