I ordered a erv system from them. Went with them because they could do it the fastest. Now I know why. Their techs are incompetent. To the point it’s a joke. I was sold a top of the line erv vanee gold series and they had no idea how to balance it, install it correctly or even what thermostat/controller worked with it. I was promised one thing by the sales guy, but when the techs came to install it, it was a totally different story. I asked the techs are you going to balance or check any air pressure before you leave, it was just off their radar of things to do...didn’t even click with them. I had about seven.....yes seven different techs come out, some where honest and just said they don’t know how to do this, and others just made up bs saying they fixed it when they didn’t do anything. Last tech even broke a seal because he had no idea what he was doing. Be warned, these guys are not authorized dealers (check to see they are if you buy from them) and the maintenance these guys do is a total sham. I have never seen such an unprofessional company before and it’s shocking. To this day they won’t even let me talk to the owner and I am thinking of taking them to small claims court. Beware. If you’re a home owner and don’t know anything about hvac systems do a little research, don’t trust these guys and take them for their word, you’ll see how dishonest they can get. Check up on their work. Check the filters they are replacing if they are new (they seemed way to anxious to take my old filters that were not dirty, seems they might be vacuuming them later and reusing in other homes). Check duct work for leaks if they replaced any metal work. Almost everything they did on my job they could have done better. They even installed the thermostat controller with one screw, and left the bottom screw hole empty and didn’t even care, told me to go to Home Depot and get a screw for it....this is Boonstra, an unprofessional company I regret doing business with.

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Good crew, Damion communicated well and they came out to do my roof on the weekend. Replaced the roof and everything done on time and cleaned up afterwards. Happy with the new roof and good work by Nailed it! EDIT1: Unfortunately awhile has passed and some issues have come about. Looks like drip edge was not installed on one side of my house and having an issue with leaks. I called Damion and hoping to get a response. Waiting for him to call me back. Edit2: pic 1: Attached photos of the poor workmanship now that I got up on the ladder myself and started to closely inspect. First photo shows why I am having leaks, flashing not secured at all. Alu rex that was installed flush with the trough causing water to spill over the side. Why would they do that? Unacceptable. Pic 2. No drip edge installed at all on the entire left side of my house. You can see the exposed wood between the shingle and fascia. Nailed it roofing did both roof and gutters, so when the guy that tried to blame the roofing guys for drip edge found out they did the roof too, he has no answer. I asked repeatedly to check that side and because I didn’t say it was exactly the drip edge they said it was fine. I mean, come on!? Pic 3. They reused the old drip edge (the part of the drip edge that was there) that had cut outs for the old hangers on the old eavestroughs…didn’t even bother installing new drip edge. At this point it’s sad to say I’ll just do the job myself or hire another contractor to finish this job. Still no response from nailed it roofing and even at this point they did respond my confidence is gone that they would fix it properly. If you have hired these guys get a roof inspector to inspect their work, it seems they will cut corners in areas they think you will never see or that will take time to fail. Very disappointed. Edit3: Damion called me back and started yelling about how he never uses drip edge and that it’s a total rip off. Then looks at my original invoice and sees I paid for drip edge and apologizes. An over all tone of hostility throughout he says he will come down there himself and “tell me the truth” and he doesn't care. Unbelievable. At this point I’ll find another contractor verified by owens corning to finish the job so I don’t have to deal with this unprofessional behavior. Edit4: Problem solved! Changing back to a 10 review as we had our differences and spirited debate, but Damion eventually did the right thing and deserves credit for it. I appreciate the leak issues were done the right way with flashing and aluminum work rather than just start caulking everything. There were somethings that could have been done when the roof was being done, but it is what it is and it shouldn't be a problem now and I'm ok with it. Thanks to Dean and his crew for coming out, fixing the issues and being awesome. Nacho, for taking the time to troubleshoot the leak and of course Damion for standing behind his work and not start ignoring people when some issues arise. It might have taken much more back and forth then needed but that's fine, I want a good roofer working on my house, not a marketing guy and Damion is definitely a roofer and that's a great thing. Wish him and his family all the best and hope I don't have to see him for a very long time :)

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We're so glad you're happy with your roof! Thank you for the kind review.