We hired Paint Special to paint our whole condo, walls, baseboards and doors. On the 3rd day, Robbie called me to tell me there was a discrepancy between the two workers. Apparently they had gotten into an argument, and the one painter left with all the painting equipment, leaving the other painter with nothing to paint with. This set us back a day. Those 2 painters did not sand the mudding properly and you can visibly see this throughout the house. After that one painter left, they sent over Sandy and Merv. They did a worse job than other the other painters. There's paint all over the ceilings, they got paint on my couch, they got paint all over the floor, they got paint all over the light switches and baseboards. If you can't cut in, tape it off! We could have done a better job than them and saved ourselves 3000 dollars. Sandy walked on my sons mattress with her shoes on. She said that she was doing the windowsills for us and made it sound like she was doing it for free because that original painter had left us hanging. She still ended up charging us. We would have saved ourselves 35 dollars per windowsill had we known she was going to charge us. The original painters had got paint all over the mantle so she said she would fix that. She still charged us. In the master bedroom and ensuite I have accidentally hit the wall with my nail a few times and the paint has come off and you can see the old colour underneath, so Sandy and Merv clearly only did one coat. Sandy said they don't take garbage with them, so they were going to throw the empty paint jugs into the condo dumpster here, which I would have been fined for. She just ended up leaving it all here. Rob did send a painter over to fix the mistakes, but I only had them fix a couple spots because I didn't want them to mess it up. I have messaged Robbie to tell him that I was extremely unhappy with the work, and he didn't respond. He was rude and unprofessional to me and my husband when he would talk to us. I highly recommend NEVER hiring Robbie. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had. DO NOT hire this company, and DO NOT deal with Robbie *I have attached a picture that shows their cut in job. This is all over the house, not just in one room. In response to your response Robbie. Sandy did walk on my sons bed with shoes on. She can deny it all she wants. Why would I make that up? I guess you have never heard of the phrase 'customer is always right'. As for the garbage, we would have been fined. It shouldn't be our responsibility to clean up the company's garbage, especially when we have to take them to the dump. Sandy even said 'I don't take garbage home so I will just throw it in the dumpster and hope you don't get in trouble'. Again, I didn't make that up. Also, I have no idea who this Juve person is. Ryan is the one who came and did the touch ups. And again, the paint is way whiter than the rest of my ceiling so why would i want the rest of the house touched up with that? In your response you say 'Also, we do not charge for anything that is not on the work order that is signed by the customer or discussed at the beginning of the job', so why were we charged for the mantle and windowsills? That was not on the original quote. And like I said above, there was only 1 coat of paint done in the bedroom and ensuite, so why were we charged for 2? I don't think Robbie understands the meaning of excellent customer service. His response clearly shows that he doesn't. I have attached another picture showing how the paint stripped off the wall with a touch of my nail. We will probably have to do the whole house again. In the main bathroom there a paint bristles painted into the wall. Also, Sandy, Merv and Ryan were all in my bedroom & ensuite bathroom. The pictures that I have posted were from both those room. The cut in job was horrible. At least Jeff did a good job of cutting in. I can look past the argument. I can't look past the horrible paint job that I have to look at every single day. Robbie - you keep saying I'm not allowing you to fix the mistakes. I did allow that. Ryan came in and touched up some spots, but once I saw the white was a totally different colour from my ceiling, I had him stop. I even showed him a couple spots and he said 'I can't fix that, unless you have a little kid paintbrush'. Also, I had texted you about my dissatisfaction about how the job was done. You never responded. So while you keep saying I didn't allow you to fix the mistakes, I did. All you have done is responded to me on here, and told me that I am wrong about everything. I hope people on here see how you have been dealing with my review, and continue to do so. Since you are clearly not trying to fix the situation (like with a phone call rather than arguing with me on here) this will be the last time I respond to you.

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Yes unfortunately this had happened. the first team we had sent there the painter got into an argument with his helper over the performance of the helper and ended up leaving halfway through the third day with his tools.he had notified me that he did not want to go back and finish the job with out help. so we had send in a second team Sandy and Merv to help. this is one of our best painting teams and have had many 10 star reviews and informed me when I asked that they did not walk on any beds to get work done. Also we do not charge for anything that is not on the work order that is signed by the customer or discussed at the beginning of the job. and as far as the empty paint cans go and the garbage this is disposed of at every customers home paint cans can go in the garbage if they are dried out or in recycling if they are washed out. After the second team had completed their job the customer had contacted me me to let me know that there was some touchups that Had to be done most of which were from the first team (ie the argument). so we had sent Juve he is one of our best painters and part of our management team
( many 10 star reviews ) to take care of any touchups that needed to be done if the customer would've pointed out anything he would've stayed there until everything was completed. in the customers complaint she said she did not point out everything that needed to be taken care of so we were not given the opportunity to take care of the touch ups and problems that occurred during these unfortunate circumstances. we certainly aren't denying that this has happened but we have to have the opportunity to come and take care of anything that has to be done . we do hold our self responsible for any touchups or any problems that occur during any paint job as you can see from the many reviews we always try to go out of our way to make every customer happy but without the opportunity unfortunately we have gotten this review. as far as being rude to the customer I go out of my way to make sure I am pleasant to every customer as long as they are pleasant to me and always try to make sure the customers are happy. Robbie In response to this customer's response Sandy And Merv Are one of our best teams and have many positive testimonials about the work they have done actually they have no negative testimonials except for this one we feel that this customer is going out of her way to say bad things about one of our best teams that go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy and write positive testimonials about them so feel free to read down all the testimonials to see how many positive one Sandy and Merv have they do good work and we make sure that all our touchups are taken care of but we must have the opportunity to do this this customer has refused to have this happen and continues to write these testimonials about us we are hoping that anybody that reads this can't see past this one bad testimonial to all the other 10s that we have thanks Robbie