DO NOT use this company. Buying from them was great, no issues there. Once you run into a problem, good luck! We purchased an above ground pool 4 years ago, after the first year, there was no water in the pool. It took me 2 months for them to replace the liner, the only way they were going to do that was " you must give us a 5 star review online" and we will replace your liner. "you must show up proof that you did this and we will come and replace your liner" When the installer showed up, he stated the company that installed our pool was fired as they cause so many issues on multiple pools. The pool was installed with crushed stone under the liner which caused multiple punctures in it. 2 years later, our pool again has no water and all the walls are bent. Just contacted mermaid and guess's my problem and nothing they can do. WORST COMPANY EVER! Oh and all the good reviews you see online, there are there because the company PAYS you to post them.

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