hired them to replace my gutters witch they did but they could not get sealed and not leaking, after back a couple of times with no change I decided to get up and try myself to find my new roof I just had replaced a couple weeks before I hired them was almost destroyed( I've attached some pics of the one side I could see) I ended up having to call in another company to fix all the problems and ended up costing near what inpaid for the gutters in the first place I'm hoping to save someone the headache and unnecessary costs of dealing with them

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Company Response

Hello Sir.

We were contracted by you to do a eavestrough job. At that time you were advised that you should change your facia and boards aswell but you chose not to as it wasn’t in your budget.

We were not contracted to fix your roof, drip edge or anything else. We were told you had a friend do.

We did return to your property already twice to fix corner leaks, which are common when you have a eavestrough job done at the time of year you did.

Your text with pics ( none of which are for work we were contracted to fix) and use of abusive language towards my staff is unacceptable!

If any customer would like copies of our correspondence or a copy of your signed contract stating what work was to be performed and the only work our company is responsible for! We would be happy to provide it..

Moving forward N.E.Roofing&Renos will only respond to a message regarding contracted work and any more vulgar language toward myself or my staff will result in termination of our warranty