We had a kitchen and bathroom reno done by these people in 2016. Their granite installers smashed up the wall in one of our bathrooms when attempting to install the countertop. You would assume they would have volunteered to fix it. It was rectified after complaint but not before. The kitchen drawer covers and cupboard doors were sent away to be redone and look fabulous; however, the frames were painted over initially with no prep and were peeling in less than a week. It took months to get this rectified but it was eventually done. It was a pain to deal with, though. And recently the undermount sink in our kitchen gave completely away and separated from the countertop. We sent Reza an email and he gave us the name of his repairman. For some stupid reason, we thought a sink should stay affixed for more than three and half years, but we are apparently responsible for the repairs. Seriously? Had the sink been full of water, we'd be looking at a bill for a lot more than just the reinstallation of the sink. Reza has not answered any of our emails requesting that All In One should pay the sink repair fellow. (We should have listened to the plumber when he told us the sink would never hold. Even the current repair guy said it was done improperly.) Bottom line, although I'm happy with the way it looks, three strikes and you're out. This has not been a seamless reno by any stretch, and I'm waiting for the bathroom sinks to cave. (Have to say, the backsplash tile guy and the cupboard door refinisher were outstanding.)

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