Toronto granite is a family-run business that cares for their customers. I wanted quartzite (natural stone) for my island and quartz for my perimeters. Not every fabricator will work with quartzite. It's harder than granite, so it's really hard to cut and easy to break during transport. Toronto Granite has lots of experience with quartzite. We didn't want any slabs from their own warehouse, so we visited many different stone suppliers/importers. Bob, the operations manager, was extremely patient with us. He gave us quotes for every slab we were interested in... No matter how many times we requested one. We finally picked a quartzite slab after a month and Bob gave us a competitive price. It's funny, every stone supplier knew who Bob was and respected his company's work. We then needed to pick quartz for the perimeter that would go with our cabinets, backsplash, and Island. Vera, Bob's mom, was very helpful in assisting us pick something out. Bob's brother did measurements shortly after we picked everything. He's a great guy and really friendly. Turnaround time for fabrication was quick. Installers were nice and quick, kept things pretty clean. The work: the stones were beautiful. The cuts were pretty good, considering how difficult quartzite is to work with. I have a very picky eye and notice everything. There were some areas that needed touch ups, etc. However, I wasn't too worried, because other reviews I read indicated that Bob is a man that wants his customers happy. The reviews were right. Everytime I contacted Bob for some touch up, he was enthusiastic about helping me. Never did I once feel like he was annoyed or didn't want to help. That really gives me peace of mind, that I can contact Bob after the sale and he'll help me out. I've read horror stories about other fabricators leaving you out to dry with crappy workmanship and never coming back to help you. To be honest, that's the most important thing for me... someone who will take care of me afterwards if needed. You're spending a lot of money and with stone (especially natural stone) who knows when things may not go as planned? Better have someone that will stand by you. Thanks Bob, his family, and the Toronto Granite team!

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